Giving Back

These are the ways my family and I have given back to our community over the last several years:

1. Helped start a Mentorship Program for children and  youth in Highland Park, CA
2. Helped organize a Music and Sports Clinic in Nicaragua
3. Helped organize Music and English Camp in Hungary
4. Helped organize a sports and English camp in Russia
5. Started the Center of Music and Arts in Long Beach, CA

6a2f0-abbey6. Helped organize the Tamale Throwdown in Denver, CO
7. Helped organize Foster Fútbol an elementary school soccer team in Denver, CO
8. Organized Soup on Halloween, a Halloween community outreach in Denver, CO
9. Organized Picnic at the Park, a community outreach in Denver, CO

1781335_663333997041698_2013398712_n10. Volunteered at the Colorado AID Immigration Advocacy group in Denver, CO
11. Organized Downtown Abbey, a Bible study for staff and students on the USC Campus, Los Angeles, CA

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