#207 How to Know and Do What Matters Most


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Theme: How to Know and Do What Matters Most

In this Episode: For the last five years, I’ve been thinking about what really matters to me. In my 20’s and 30’s everything mattered, but now in my 40’s I have much more clarity in life and I want to share how I got to this place in case you want to do the same.

First, these are 7 Things That Matter Most to me:

#1 The love, oneness and intimacy of my marriage
#2 The forgiveness and trustworthiness of Jesus in my life
#3 To continuously model Christ to our children
#4 The Church, the Church, the Church – this is my passion and dream
#5 Teach, teach, teach and teach some more
#6 My fitness goals, because this is the one body God gave me and I like looking good! Hahah, so true
#7 Build schools in Nicaragua and beyond to teach three things: Music, Online Business and Mental Health

So how did I get here?

These are the Five Simple Steps I used to get clear on WHAT MATTERS MOST:

#1 Go for a walk around the lake Jesus
#2 Eliminate guilt and shame (and fear, anxiety and depression)
#3 Look at those old pictures of you on a bike, you on the basketball court
#4 Fail daily and quickly
#5 Do all this with the love of your life and a team of LIONS

I hope these tips give you hope whether you or someone you love is going through a crisis. God is faithful!

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