#206 Eight Things I Tell Couples When They Have an Affair


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Theme: Eight Things I Tell Couples When They Have an Affair

In this Episode: Every week it seems like, couples call me to talk about marriage help. Some are in the middle of an affair, most are struggling trying to hang in there. Is there hope? YES! In this episode I talk about 8 things couples must do when they face an affair. Affairs are something Hollywood plays off, but in reality, affairs affect everyone but there’s hope. Even though my wife and I have a solid marriage going on 22 years, we know we need each other and God’s help to stay strong, we all need guidance and hope.

So here are the 8 tips to help couples when going through an affair:

8 Things I Tell Couples When They Going Through an Affair

  1. You will get through it
  2. Seek God
  3. Your emotion is only getting in the way
  4. Forget About The Other Person (for now)
  5. This is not Do it Yourself
  6. Deal with Your Deeper Issues First
  7. Join an intentional community
  8. Work a System

I hope these tips give you hope whether you or someone you love is going through a crisis. God is faithful!


Celebrate Recovery
Sex Anonymous
Alcoholic Anonymous 


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