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[BLOG POST] How to be A High Achiever and Find Peace Within at the Same Time

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Welcome Back. You belong here.
Part of being an achiever and success driven person is dealing with failure. This is typical INFJ – Enneagram 3w2 type. Discover your Ennegram type at
My greatest fear is to fail and not accomplish all that’s inside of me, all the greatness and giftedness within. I know many feel the same way.
So what’s helped me along my journey?
#1 Do More Great Stuff. Without a doubt, what makes me the most fulfilled is when I accomplish great things. When I recorded my CD in 2013, when our team hosted the Finding Grace Through Anxiety Conference in 2014, when I interviewed Kay Warren at Saddleback, those were great moments of success, heck, even when I clean my fence and mow my lawn, it makes me feel awesome inside.

#2 Connect With Others. Being an achiever, business owners, CEO, lead pastor, any executive or high level position is lonely. My greatest joy has come when I connect with other like minded people.
I’ll never forget getting to know Dean, Jay, Mike, Laura, Jay, Micah, Calee, Yve, Gaby, Peggy, Elvira, Jacky, Monet, Christina, Grace, Roger, Ben, Bailey, Alex, Varun, Bianca, Chanel, Douglas, Elizabeth, Sabina, Adriana, Ellen, Jasmine, Ophy, Ricardo, Jose, Yeye and hundreds of others, relationships, especially my mom, wife and children are my greatest success.
#3 Accept The Good and the Bad. If you think being an achiever is always good, then you’re in for a rude awakening. Waking up thinking you’ve done nothing, dealing with insecurity, having the weight of the world on your shoulders, starting every day with a Net-Zero mindset are all the shadow of this amazing gift.
#4 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. But nothing compares with the raw emotion and heart-wrenching reality of the love of Jesus for the achiever and failure-driven type. Nothing comes close to filling my tank like the love of the Savior, Jesus, my Trustworthy Creator and King.

Recently I’ve been reading through the book of Job where God tells him – where were you Mr. Achiever when I created the heavens and the earth?

Where were you Mr. Awesome when I commanded the birds to fly and the beasts to run? Answer: You weren’t there, it wasn’t you, it was me who did it all and I didn’t need your help. Now, that’s what I call a Big A Achiever (God) putting the little “a” achiever (Job) in his place #dropsmic! #boom!
In conclusion, if you’re a success driven person and high-achiever, I applaud you, GO FOR IT! Do all that’s inside of you, the world needs it, your family, your children, your legacy depends on it. But above all, surrender to Jesus, learn to worship, learn to pray desperate prayers, learn to Sing to Jesus.

Thank you for reading,

Who is David Trigueros (Trig)?
I have been married 22 years to my beautiful wife Rachelle! We have three amazing teens, one is a top model and successful entrepreneur. I’m a pastor, speaker and content creator. In 2013, I recorded my own CD of original songs, then in 2014 I wrote an e-Book called “How to live an Anxiety Free Summer” and an article called “High Anxiety” for Leadership Online.
But it has not always been easy…
I grew up far from home, dealt with fear and anxiety, went through a terrible war, was unemployed for nearly a year and have felt fearful and insecure.
But through grace, love and discovering my God-given adventure I have achieved everything I want in life. Now I’m here to help you achieve GOZO and succeed in life!
So In 2010 I started my own media company called #GOZOtv! with thousands of views online. l love my job and now I get to do what I was created for, now I feel like I’m living on GOZO street! (GOZO btw, means JOY!)
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Your #GOZO! friend,
Psalm 30:6 – GOZO means JOY!