How to Stop Living in Fear and Accomplish All Your Dreams

If you allow yourself to live in fear, you will default on all your dreams and desires.

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Living in fear is something I’ve done very well for years, but lately, I’ve begun to overcome fear, not by being 100% fearless but by knowing what to do when fear is here.

The Bible says, “do not fear” but it doesn’t tell us how not to fear except for a few clues I find in Joshua 1:9. Here God gives us a few hints on how to overcome fear:

So here are Four Hints on How to Overcome Fear:

#1 Fear Will Kill Your Purpose. You have to remember that fear has terrible consequences, it will hurt your body, your heart, your mind. But more than that, fear will kill your dreams. Joshua had a great call upon his life, but fear was trying to destroy all his dreams. You can’t live in your purpose and fear at the same time, one will have to eventually win. If you allow yourself to “live in fear”, you will default on all your dreams and desires.

#2 Fear is There For a Reason. When you experience fear, fear is trying to tell you something could go wrong. Don’t ignore fear, listen to it but don’t let it paralyze you. Joshua had big shoes to fill, he wasn’t making up his enemies, the obstacles, the people’s rumors, fear was telling him something had to be done. Fear might say, you should go see a doctor, but fear can paralyze you to think, I’m going to die.

Fear might say, you might not get this job, but fear can also paralyze you to think, I am worthless, you will never get a job. The way to overcome fear is by using the 80/20 rule, 80% of fear is good but 20% is paralyzing, don’t switch the two and you will live.

#3 Make a List of the Truth. Fear hates truth, it hates logic, it can’t handle thinking but instead thrives in the high of negative emotions. God told Joshua over and over again, seek me, remember what I’ve done before, look to the Law, in other words, live in your truth.

Fear as an emotion is devastating so you have to overcome fear with truth, but how?

Make a list of your truth, for example, if you have to see the doctor about a headache but you think it’s a brain tumor, make a list of your truth: a. Odds are it’s just a headache b. If it’s a tumor, I can survive c. I’ve had headaches before and I always get better

And lastly,

#4 Turn to God. When all else fails, turn to God, sometimes, we wait till the last minute to trust God, sometimes we turn to Him right away, there is no right or wrong answer. Don’t blame yourself for not trusting God perfectly, instead turn to Him as often as you can. It might mean you turn to Him after Google and research no longer work, it may mean you do both at the same time. How? Through prayer, meditation, worship, walking, being in nature, reading the Bible, talking to a spiritual director or therapist.

There is no perfect formula for trusting God, as long as you realize God is the only one that can truly give you peace, He will always be there to help.

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