Three Ways to Become More Logical As a Creative


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Being logical is not the easiest thing for creatives, artists and INFJ Enneagram 3’s (like myself). In some ways it is, but it’s not our favorite thing to do, we’d rather lead by example, be logical in our heads and have people just watch us and follow.

But those around us often need steps and details in order to follow, they need to hear where we’re going so they can discuss and process. When you add LOGIC to your great IDEAS, you will truly see a movement develop around you.

So here are three ways to become 

more logical:

#1 Start By Being Illogical. What? Isn’t that what we’re trying to avoid? Yes, but make sure that before you write out your outline, you are true to yourself. Being logical doesn’t mean you lose your uniqueness, in fact, it starts with your uniqueness. Be the genius you know you are, start with what makes sense to you and then go on to Step #2.

#2 Use pencil and paper and draw lots of circles. Logic requires visuals, it requires making complicated things simple through graphs, outlines and charts. So before you go and communicate your great ideas to others, be sure to write out your thoughts, draw out your system, your logic to help others understand. Use circles, lines, spell things out and then edit. Know that the first ten drafts of that email or blog post will be way too long, so learn to edit yourself (or work with an editor, i.e. – your wife!).

And lastly,

#3 Communicate, communicate, communicate. Now it’s time to get your ideas out there in the real world. After all, what’s the point of all those great ideas if no ones gets to hear them? So go that board meeting and bring your POWER POINT (or Keynote) outline, go on Instagram and write out your Three Ways to Stop Eating Cake, start (or re-start) your blog, preach that great message using fill in the blanks, it won’t kill you, trust me. The point is, get your message out there, get lots of feedback (I know, it’s tough) and improve each day.

Being an Intuitive, creative, INFJ or anything like it is tough, we’re often in our heads and our amazing ideas never gain traction because most people can’t see inside our heads. 

Learn to communicate more logically, it won’t kill you, it won’t take away from your genius and greatness. In fact, it’ll making everyone else realize you are as amazing as you know you are.

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I have been married 22 years to my beautiful wife Rachelle! We have three amazing teens, one is a top model and successful entrepreneur. I’m a pastor and media person and in 2013, I recorded my own CD of original songs, then in 2014 I wrote an e-Book called “How to live an Anxiety Free Summer” and an article called “High Anxiety” for Leadership Online.

But it has not always been easy…

I grew up far from home, dealt with war, fear and anxiety. Was unemployed for a year and at times felt fearful and insecure.

But through grace, love and discovering my God-given adventure I have achieved everything I want in life. Now I’m here to help you achieve GOZO and succeed in life!

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