Stop Criticizing Others And Instead Learn From Everyone [POST]


Welcome back. You belong here.

It’s easy to criticize people we don’t like or get along with, but high achievers and successful people learn from anyone, even if they disagree with them.

Immature people only listen to people they like, to news they agree with, to opinions they can get behind.

Furthermore, they only listen to opinions in their own genre – musicians listen to other musicians, business people to business people. 

But true power and success comes when you listen across the aisle to people in other industries.

If you’re into music, learn from the business world, because after all, music is business.

If you’re a church leader learn from the tech world, because everyone you’re trying to reach or sits in your pews, is online.

If you are into YouTube, learn from the fitness world, fitness guru’s have learned how to bring people together, something most online creators don’t know how to do.

Learning from everyone doesn’t mean you’re going to become like them or imitate them, it means you’re learning the one nugget of truth that may apply to your life.

So go ahead, open your mind, learn from everyone, stop judging people you don’t agree with and learn to be a life-long learner and win at life!

Thanks for being here!

Your #GOZO! friend,

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