Getting In Tune Once Again [POST]


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Every guitar player or vocalist knows the value of making sure your instrument is in tune.

I’m not sure quite where to start, everything is fine but it seems I’m going through a change once again, a time of re-tuning my life and I’m not sure what it all means.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

The last few months I’ve been doing more LIVE streams but I’ve grown weary of them, partially because I’m not energized by it, it’s too much work and I’m not sure I’m that great on camera.

The other day I heard Joe Polish (marketing guru) talk about doing ELF – what is Easy, Lucrative and Fun. For me, that’s writing, talking one-on-one and podcasting.

I don’t do well with large groups or being a high energy person. As a creative, achiever and introvert, writing brings me peace, I can go back and edit a sentence before publishing it, etc.

I’m also dealing with discouragement in leading my small church which I love so much. Even though we see small miracles daily, I wish we were growing more rapidly and I blame myself for it – I’m not a good speaker, I’m not a great leader, I should go back to doing music, all the usual stuff.

But I persevere because I know God is with us.

Last Sunday I spoke on Jesus is the Door and it really touched me, basically I said how we’re not responsible to keep all the bad stuff out and all the good stuff inside our lives – Jesus is. Only God can keep evil and bad things from happening to us, only God can bless us and keep us safe inside his kingdom.

Only God knows who gets in and who gets out, He is the gatekeeper, the watchman, the security guard, the door of our homes not us.

But perhaps like me, you also struggle trusting God for your wellness or future, this comes from a lot of things but at the end of the day, it’s a lack of trust in God so I’m trying to trust Jesus to be the gate of my house, church and life and let him do what he’s going to do.

Do I wish the church had doubled in size by now and could pay its bills and everyone could say how awesome I am? Of course. Will I LIVE stream again? Probably, podcast, sure, write some more, maybe, sing and write songs, always.

Fine-tuning is a life-long process.

Oh, and our girls got into a car accident, not their fault, some idiot lady hit them on the side. They’re fine but, the car is not, but God is good.

Do you feel in tune right now? If not, take a moment to listen to God and think.

Thank you for being here,