#140 Memorial Day – 7 Ways to Remember Rightly

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Here in the US today we remember those who have fallen defending our freedom. So if you’ve lost someone due to war, or perhaps the person didn’t lose their lives, but they are struggling as a result of war, I want to honor you today.

But sometimes the problem with days like today is that we remember the lost but we forget the living. Or we remember the past and wish for the good old days, but we forget the sins our of our past, things we need to repent of.

So how do we remember rightly? I have 7 Tips to Remember Rightly:

  1. Remember the fallen
  2. Remember to keep God’s covenant
  3. Remember you were once lost
  4. Remember the stranger, the immigrant, the widow and the orphan
  5. Remember God is a jealous God
  6. Remember to cry out to God
  7. Remember your chains are gone

We will do right when we remember the fallen as well as to honor God with our lives and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Then we will truly live lives of meaning and purpose here on earth.

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