#132 What is the Future of #GOZOtv? It's Amazing [PODCAST]

The-Future-of-Podcasting-e1433775233253-720x405Listen in iTunes here or at link below.

Welcome back. You belong here.

What is the future of #GOZOtv and the #TrigPodcastofJOY? Over the past few years, I’ve seen God do amazing things through the podcast. Over the past two years, we’ve grown from just a few people to over 5000 monthly listeners, but what is the future of podcasting? It think it’s bright!

But as I enter a new season as senior pastor of Neighborhood Church in Bellflower, adjustments will have to be made. 

Is it time to do something different with the podcast, to change things up and if so what?

BTW, these are three values of #GOZOtv and the podcast:
1. Joy
2. Spiritual living
3. Social entrepreneurship

In today’s episode, I talk about the future of #GOZOtv and the podcast and invite you to join this effort to bring joy to every day life through interviews, talks, inspirational moments and lots of fun.

Thank you so much for listening, be sure to share this episode with your friends through word-of-mouth. 

Don’t forget to follow me on snapchat at davidtrigla. Watch the LIVE stream of #GOZOtv at Facebook.com/thedavidtrigshow and periscope.tv/davidtrigla

Have a great rest of this day,
Your #GOZO! friend,

GOZO means JOY in Spanish (Psalm 30:6)


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