#112 How I Went from Being Unemployed to Blessed in 5 Years [PODCAST]

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Welcome back, you belong here.

This is the story of the last five years of my life, going from being unemployed and asked if I was undocumented while at a medical clinic on the wrong part of town, to pastoring, starting my own successful media company and being surrounded by amazing family and friends.

In this episode I talk about:
1. The Three Lowest Moments in the last 5 years
2. The Three Greatest Moments in the last 5 years

My hope is that you will find encouragement in my story and know that God is faithful no matter your circumstances.

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Thank you for listening,

Your #GOZO! friend,




One Comment Add yours

  1. Jim Boyd says:

    Beautiful stories, David. Thank you for sharing. Love you brother.

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