#108 Celia Garcia – The JOY of Advocacy in the Workplace [PODCAST]

In this Episode:
 The workplace is changing, new skills are needed and many feel unprepared to succeed in this new economy, especially as Latinos and other non-majority cultures.

How do people learn new job skills when they lack the time, money or trust?

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In this episode of the #TrigPodcastofJOY Celia Garcia, executive director for the Latin Business Institute, a 501(3) community based organization and CEO of miCOACHmx College and Career Planning, talks about her passion to help business owners learn new skills and succeed once again and how her work is rooted in her love for God.

Celia also takes us on a wonderful journey of her own life, from growing up in East LA, to moving to Orange County and how she helped an immigrant gardener with his legal status on the same day she received training herself.

Currently, Celia is designing video courses to help families and business owners learn new job skills from the comfort of their own homes. In May, she will be hosting a conference called “Supporting Highly Skilled Immigrants”.

Celia is a passionate, active, go-getter! Celia says…

“You have to know what your purpose is. I can’t think of anything sadder than not knowing what your purpose is. God is faithful to show you in the low times if you ask him”

Thank you so much for listening.

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Celia’s Links
miCOACHmx College & Career Planning
Email: micoachmxcareerplanning@gmail.com
Website: www.micoachmx.com
Facebook: facebook.com/micoachmx
Phone: (714) 584-8303
Direct: (714) 422-9464

Thank you again and remember that
Though there’s pain in the night, GOZO comes in the morning!

Have a great rest of this day,
GOZO means JOY in Spanish 

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