#102 How to Stop Saying Woe is Me! [PODCAST]

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Welcome back. You belong here.

Ever meet that person that is always in the “woe is me” state of mind? Ever been that person?

When faced with trials, pain, loss, even a flat tire or an extra few pounds on the scale, it’s easy to start our own pity party, invite 10 or so friends and make a weekend of it. 

It’s easy to ask two famous questions – WHY and WHEN. Why me? And when will this end?

Does anybody know what I’m talking about!

But better than asking why or when is realizing WHO holds your future. It is when we realize that there’s a force greater than ourselves who holds our lives that we can begin to find peace once again.

In this episode, I talk about four ways to move from WHY ME to WHO LOVES YOU! Here I help you understand how to find peace even when the answer doesn’t come in business, love, life or career.

I hope this podcast encourages you. Thank you so much for being here!

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Thank you for listening,
Have a great rest of this day,
Your #GOZO! friend,

GOZO means JOY in Spanish!

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