Kay Warren – Her Story of Joy Amidst Losing Her Son to Suicide [VIDEO]

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Kay Warren
, co-founder of Saddleback Church, one of the largest churches in the country and wife of Pastor Rick Warren, author of the best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life (over 32 million copies sold), talking about how you can find joy when your world is turned upside down amidst mental health.

If you didn’t know, Rick and Kay Warren lost their son Matthew to suicide 2 years ago. Watch their CNN interview at: http://bit.ly/1kC8mq8

Some of the best moments from my time with Kay:
minute 1 – so much in life we cannot control, if we don’t have peace in God’s goodness, we’ll be nervous wrecks
10 – I used to be a control freak, how I surrendered control
14 – how did I deal with Matthew’s loss?
16 – how do you rebuild hope? My empty hope box story
18 – for anybody who’s struggling with loss, go back to the Word of God
19 – not everyone can celebrate during the Holidays
20 – make room for loss, mourn with those who mourn
22 – what were the joys in the middle of your darkness?
23 – I told God – God I’m disappointed by you
26 – appreciate the small things
28 – what is your greatest joy today?
31 – I love hearing people say – I’ve taken suicide off the table
33 – what is next for Kay Warren? And is the timing right?

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