#93 Five Reasons Why You Need a Spiritual Retreat Very Soon [PODCAST]


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Welcome back. You belong here.

And we’re off! Christmas is over, life is back to normal, everyone’s running around, school, work, business, creative ventures all in full swing.

Yet our souls remain weary.

In this episode, I talk about 5 Reasons Why You Need a Spiritual Retreat Now before life gets too crazy. Here are the five reasons:

  1. Your Soul Needs It
  2. Spiritual Detox Takes Time
  3. You will Reconnect with God
  4. Gain Perspective for 2016
  5. Stop Pleasing Others

When we focus on our souls, we are renewed from the inside out, and our strength isn’t temporary, in fact, it lasts for a long time

Are you struggling to sleep at night, maybe you feel tired even though you just took time off. Often our bodies are months ahead of our souls, telling us it’s time to rest yet we push even harder.

Take time this year to rest and focus on your soul.
If you’d like my help with your silent treat, I have taken many groups on silent retreats before, please contact me at trig@davidtrig.com

Thanks so much for listening,
Your #GOZO! friend,




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