Why Not Learning to Speak Up is Killing Your Soul

WDP2114by davidTrig

Welcome back. You belong here. Today begins my series called Renew Your Spiritual Power. In this series, I’ll talk about 3 things you need to increase you spiritual resilience. The hope is that we can have the most meaningful year ever.

In this series, I’ll go through the 3 principles I learned that helped me stop being an anxious person, change careers at mid-life, celebrate 20 years of happy marriage and start my own business.

Quick fixes have never helped me, what’s helped is learning about mentorship, about the power of contemplation and most of all being committed to my own spiritual power.

The first principle is this: Your body and your spirit need to be one.

When I was in my 20’s, a therapist told me, don’t let them walk all over you. The problem was that I had no idea how to do that, I knew I had a gift but I often let people walk all over me.

But then I started seeing a therapist, started to go to silent retreats, I took yoga and learned that my soul was longing to become one with my body.

You can begin to listen to your body. 

WDP2114So I began to listen to my body, when I needed to take a nap, I took a nap, when I needed to be alone, I sat alone.

But the most empowering part was learning to speak up, allowing myself to be bold in public and learning to defend myself.

You need to learn to speak your mind.

When you speak up, you’re connecting that fierce inner part of you with your body. When you learn to use your words, it sends ripples through the world, it makes others take notice, it changes you and makes you grow in spiritual power.

But fear is the #1 reason you don’t feel integrated.

Fear is the anti-honesty drug, it’s what keeps most people living in the shadows of silence and vulnerability. You fear being angry, begin aggressive, hurting others or most of all being a source of conflict. But the opposite is true.

But when you don’t speak your spiritual power, all those things happen to you. You become angry inside, you become aggressive inside and with the wrong people, you hurt yourself and you become conflicted inside.

Slowly you begin to lose your voice where all that’s left is a shadow of your true self.

Learning to overcome your fears is nothing more than having the tools to integrate your mouth with your spirit. It’s learning phrases, methods, skills to losen your tongue and get in the game.

Learning to speak your mind can be the most liberating skill you’ll ever learn.

When God says, be bold, be strong, for I am with you, that’s more than positive self-talk, that’s taking action, that’s knowing what to say to your enemies, that’s taking risks outside of your comfort zone.

So here’s the question: Do you believe you were created to speak your power to others? And if so, what’s stopping you, literally what’s stopping you from changing?

In the next entry, I will talk about the second thing that I believe is keeping us from experiencing true spiritual power.

For now, let’s think about what speaking your mind would do to your confidence, your friends, your job, your home.

I am convinced that learning how to integrate your mind and your body will make you a powerful voice in 2016.

To your spiritual power!

If you want more help, check out my podcast at davidtrig.com/podcast with daily meditations and free spiritual advice. 


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