#88 How to Write a New Story for 2016


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Welcome back. You belong here.

Will your life have a fairy tale ending? We wall want the Hollywood ending – courage, love, romance, overcoming trials and living happily ever after.

But it hardly happens.

In fact, it seems most people just exist. Living lives of regret or worst yet, of the same ol’ same ol’.

Don’t you wish you could re-write your life story and live off a new plan in 2016?

Courage. Love. Success. Peace.

That’s the story we all want to live.

In this podcast I help  you write a new story for 2016 so you can live better and dream again. How do we do that? I call it the ACL Experience

  1. Live out your God-given Adventure
  2. Find Grace in your Crisis
  3. Discover who you Love

Your story is not over, inside of you there’s everything you need to re-write a new story of joy, love and peace in 2016.

I hope my story helps you get back up and pursue your God-given adventure no matter what.

Thank you for listening!
Your #GOZO! friend,


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