#87 The Paper Route Principle – How to Overcome the Money Worries That Are Killing Your JOY [PODCAST]






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Welcome back. You belong here.

Imagine quitting your job and starting your own business in 2016, everyone wants to do that right? But how will you pay your bills in the next 12 months while your business gets off the ground? What if your business fails and now you’re left with bills, bills and more bills.

The #1 reason people don’t take greater risks in life, in business, church, creative outlets, non-profits is money. Often, to follow your dreams, means you can’t pay the bills so people often feel stuck and let go of their dreams.

In this episode, I talk about the Paper Route Principle and the 5 Elements that go with it, which is a technique I’ve used to follow my dreams while paying the bills.

So what is the Paper Route Principle?

  1. How Much Do You Need?
  2. What other resources do you have?
  3. Re-do your spending plan
  4. Fund the next 6 months to a year
  5. Start working on your God-given adventure

You will never reach your God-given dream if you’re worried about money. Money worries will kill your dreams

I hope my story helps you get back up and pursue your God-given adventure no matter what.

Thank you for listening!
Your #GOZO! friend,

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