#86 How God Brought Kay Warren on My Show [PODCAST]




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Welcome back. You belong here.

Yesterday was the best day of my professional life, having the opportunity to hear Kay Warren and have her on my show #GOZOtv. How did that happen and what were the steps I took to “land Kay Warren?” so you can do the same in your life?

You probably have your own dream for  your church, your business, your creative venture. You want to interview someone you follow, someone you admire, a star in your field. But you deal with fear, you don’ know who to talk to or what to say.

In this episode, I talk about the 10 Moments of Grace to Have Kay Warren on My Show.

So what are the 10 Moments of Grace to Have Kay Warren on my Show and the 5 Action Steps for You to do the same:

  1. Amy Simpson, Dennis and Marshall
  2. Article on Leadership Online
  3. You contributed so I could go to the Mental Health Conference at Saddleback
  4. Michelle
  5. Kay’s Chief of Staff
  6. What she was looking for
  7. My amazing team
  8. First question was ready
  9. GOZOmugs and a guitar
  10. Follow up with a gift not an ask

What are the 5 Action steps you can take to land your greatest pursuit?

  1. Know Your Passion
  2. 10x Your Connections
  3. Invest in yourself
  4. Get over your fears
  5. Expect a ton of miracles

Living on #GOZO! Street is about putting in the work and expecting a ton of miracles to accomplish your God-given adventure

I hope my story helps you get back up and pursue your God-given adventure no matter what.

Thank you for listening!
Your #GOZO! friend,

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