Now is the Time to Help an Anxious Friend. Here’s How

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Welcome back. You belong here.

We’re living in anxious times, it seems every week, someone is causing fear and panic in the lives of millions.

Imagine being the person to save someone’s life, a husband, a wife, a child, a neighbor.

Sacrificial. Other-centered. Self-less. Peace maker.

This video will introduce the Four Principles you can use to help a friend or family member during anxious times.

Video#1 Four Ways to Help a Friend During Anxious Times:
I’m honored by all the comments we’ve received on this content!

These are the same anxiety strategies I used to go from being an anxious person, to being fearless and a person of joy in no time (No kidding. These strategies made that big of an impact).

The secret was learning the very same psychology, physiology, mindset, and spiritual secrets used by thousands of people.

I think people who don’t know about these principles are always anxious, stressed out, and frustrated they don’t have joy in their lives. 

But people who understand and master these strategies can live extraordinary lives.

Make sure you ask yourself the four questions I teach in this video every day – it’s a sure path to less anxiety in all you do.

As promised, I’ll send you the 2nd video in this series to you soon. Please watch for it in a few days.

Enjoy! And take notes!

Your #GOZO! friend,

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