#83 Entrepreneurs With a Soul – Seven Steps to Building a Team Around You [LAMBO GOAL PODCAST]


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Welcome back. You belong here.

Being a solo-preneur is tough work, you often battle loneliness, discouragement and low sales but the next day you’re on cloud nine, everything you touch, turns to gold.

That’s why it’s so important to have a team around you, to help you during the though times and celebrate with you during the good times. But how do you build a team around you if you have no money?

In this episode of the Lambo Goal, Entrepreneurs with a Soul, Gil and I talk about the Seven Steps to Building a Team Around You and we answer the following seven questions:

  1. When do you have to build a team?
  2. Why must we build a team?
  3. Why do we need a team?
  4. Where to find team members?
  5. What type of people should I look for?
  6. Who shouldn’t be part of your team?
  7. When should you let a team member go?


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