How to Prepare for the Coming Holiday Syndrome by davidTrig

Big Shunga In Winter

Big Shunga In Winter


Welcome back. You belong here.

Can you feel it? The Holiday Syndrome is here, maybe for some it’s yet to come, for others, you’ve been in it for months.

What is the Holiday Syndrome?

It’s a combination of laughter and sadness, joy and tears, it’s a sense that everything is fine and yet something is a little off and you don’t know why.

You tell yourself, life is great, I’m feeling strong, job is fine, kids are good, even my cat is happy, but for some reason you feel a little off.

It’s not depression, it’s not anxiety, you’re not gripped by fear, in fact, life is good but something is going on.

That’s the Holiday Syndrome.

So like the start of winter in Colorado, this is the time to put a small winter kit in the trunk with a few flashlights and blankets.

Here are 3 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Syndrome:

  1. Slow Down and Enjoy Winter. I remember when we first moved to Colorado being afraid of the cold, but soon I was loving it and playing in the snow but that took time, learning what to wear, what kind of gloves to buy. I remember one morning, it was 22 degrees out and snowing.

    I ran out (ok, slipped and fell) to the park across the street and laid on the snow for a while as it fell on my face, it was a beautiful moment I will never forget.

    When the holiday syndrome hits, you’ll naturally want to push through it, but this is the time to do the essentials and let go of the rest.


  2. Pursue Secondary Passions. You know how you never get to that book you want to read or to practicing the piano again, or meeting with those two friends who you really enjoy (at your favorite spot)?

    This is the time to invest in your joy (in your #GOZO!), even amidst the busyness of the season, of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Your emotions need self-care, to do that, my wife uses the Priority of Fours – flowers, friends, family and fitness.

  3. Use New Language and Communicate. Many times we are lost for words during this time of the year, we know how we feel, but lack the language to express it to ourselves and to the world.

    Learn new words to describe this season, Holiday Syndrome works for me, you may like the Winter of My Soul or Christmas is all in the Heart.

    The point is to find a simple phrase that helps you remember why you shouldn’t go into 10th gear after working 70 hours a week, why you should not feel guilty for taking a nap on a Friday afternoon.

    Also uses these phrases to express your feelings to those closest to you, your husband/wife, children, a trusted friend. Not only will they better understand you, but it might give them language to express what they feel.

I used to dread the holidays, now I know how to prepare for them and put that winter kit in the trunk of my car so that when the sadness comes, I know I’ll be okay, as long as I remember to wear warm gloves on my way to the park.

Thank you for reading.
Your #GOZO! friend,

What do you think?



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