#74 How to Win a Beauty Pageant [PODCAST]


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Welcome back. You belong here.
Here’s your Monday Motivation.

Congratulations to Canela! Ms. Teen Southern California 2016. Last night Canela (16) won this incredible award hosted by a good friend Justin Rudd.

But Canela almost didn’t win, in fact, at one point last night, she felt like her dreams were over, she was facing some challenges that wanted to bring her down.

How did she do it?

And most of all how can her story motivate you to win at life, work, love in spite of adversity.

Adversity often means you’re on the right track

Let Canela’s story remind you that you can follow your God-given adventure, you can find grace in crisis, you can discover who you love. I am living proof.

You can follow Canela on Instagram @canelatrigueros
You can see Canela’s YouTube Channel at youtube.com/canelatrigueros

Thank you for listening,
And remember that though there’s pain in the night #GOZO! comes in the morning

Your #GOZO! friend,

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