#62 The 7 Points of Anxiety by davidTrig

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I just met a great guy named Nate, we had a good conversation about joy and anxiety. We briefly talked about how he’s still looking for his anxiety nitch, the combination of elements or ingredients that will help him overcome anxiety.

He told me how friendships are something that helps, talking to people, being around others. He also mentioned how exercise helps.

I told him my analogy of what the ANXIETY PLANT likes to eat. Have you heard of the anxiety plant? Oh, let me tell you about it, it’s nasty.

Office_plantDo you know what is the #1 food or nutrient for anxiety? ISOLATION.

In other words, imagine you have a plant at home or at work, you feed it, sometimes you forget, it dies it comes back to life.

In the same way, if you feed your anxiety plant isolation, being alone, withdrawing from people, anxiety will grow, it will grow, grow, grow and become a vine that will take over your house, your closet, your apartment, your car, your cat, your dog, everything.

Your anxiety plant will take over! Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

But if you feed anxiety relationships, people, conversation, fun, distraction, guess what will happen to your anxiety plant? It will slowly begin to die!

So what other things help overcome anxiety? 

There are seven things I believe help with anxiety. I call it The 7 Points of Anxiety  or what I affectionally call the 7 Points of the #GOZOPlanet for you to download for FREE so every time you feel anxious, you can see this chart and know what you need to do to overcome anxiety.

The 7 Points of Anxiety or the 7 Points of the #GOZOPlanet are:
#1 Mentorship (people)
#2 Mindset (knowledge)
#3 Spirit (source, God, knowing God is present in your anxiety)
#4 Music (sound and energy lowers anxiety)
#5 Adventure (renewing your God-given adventure)
#6 Grace Amidst Crisis (realizing there’s grace in the night)
#7 Love (discovering who and what you love)

I hope you find this helpful, it’s what’s helped me along my journey and what I teach through my online course Living a Life of #GOZO!

Which of these have helped you the most? What would you add/subtract?

Have a great rest of this day,

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