#58 Entrepreneur Danger #1 – All Bite and No Bark [LAMBO GOAL PODCAST]


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Entrepreneurs can be all bite and no bark, selling stuff they’ve never used or talking about stuff they know nothing about. Here in the Lambo Goal Podcast, we value honesty, it’s one of four our core values (diversity, honesty, faith and joy).

So how do you avoid being a guru with no action? In this episode of the Lambo Goal Podcast, Gil and I talk about what we’ve actually accomplished as entrepreneurs and  the three lessons we’ve learned from it.

We share these with you so you can also take radical action and avoid being more than just talk, but actually move towards a life of joy and impact as an entrepreneur.

A. David Trig
Entrepreneur Accomplishment: Put on a Conference that helped 100 people
The 3 lessons I’ve learned from it:
#1 Entrepreneurship Needs a miracle
#2 Never underestimate the need
#3 Gather an awesome team
BONUS: Do it from inside a community of love

B. Gil Ordoñez
Entrepreneur Accomplishment: Building rapport with leads that turn into repeat clients
The 3 lessons I’ve learned from it:
1. Developing a mindset of customer service
2. Being organized with your clients and new leads
3. The fortune is in the follow up

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