#57 What is the Future of Mental Health in the US? [VIDEO]

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Welcome back. You belong here.

Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes and affects everyone at some point in their lives regardless of color, language, economics or religious background.

It can be a young mom in her early 30’s experiencing a panic attack or vertigo while driving her kids to school. It can be a Latino or African American man in his 40s’ feeling like he’s having a heart attack even though he’s healthy; all of these are often symptoms of fear, depression and high anxiety.

What is the future?

In this video I talk about what I believe is the future of mental health in our country and the world.

Our mental health system is broken. People often don’t know where to turn, many fear they lack the faith, family support or funds to see a therapist. All of these realities are causing a crisis similar to what we saw during the AIDS/HIV epidemic of the 80’s.

I am convinced the future of mental health lies in online education and tools that are accessible to everyone, on demand, in Spanish and English (and beyond) from practitioners and experts that understand your unique cultural and faith background.

My belief is that we need to combine:
1. Faith
2. Knowledge and
3. Healing methods

You are created for a purpose, to live a life of JOY or what I like to call Living a Life of #GOZO! Gozo means joy in Spanish.

This is my passion and dream.

Thank you for watching,
Your #‎GOZO! friend,

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