#45 How to Transition Into Fall During Stressful Times by davidTrig

sbuxPSLWelcome back. You belong here.

I’m ready for Fall, how about you? And yet when I look out the window here in Los Angeles, I see palm trees and 90 degree weather, not exactly fall. The same goes in our personal lives, we long to experience Fall leaves and quiet evenings at home, yet life seems to be getting more stressful.

And when we feel more stressed, we don’t just lose our joy, we also fall into moments of depression, fear, and anxiety.

So here are Four Ways to Transition Into Fall even during stressful times:

#1 Listen to Fall Music.
Music changes everything, your mood, your pace, your day. Why not go on Spotify or Apple Music, search for Fall Classics and find songs that get you into the holiday spirit? Even if your kids thing the songs are old or outdated, remember this is about YOU. Buy a song you love and put it on replay over and over again, play it in the car, on a run, late at night, your heart will thank you for it.

#2 Enjoy a Holiday Spicy Latte.
I love the smell of Fall especially at coffee shops, those tasty warm holiday drinks are amazing. I know they’re expensive and not always healthy, but bend the budget a bit and enjoy a warm cup of your favorite holiday drink. Then go and sit in a quiet corner or in your car, listen to Fall Music and enjoy some time alone with yourself, put your phone on Airplane mode for 20mns and breathe. No distractions.

#3 Find Your Thankfulness Moon.
Sunday night is Blood Moon, I’m not one to worry about things like that or think it’s the end of the world, so instead I like looking at the moon as a way to be thankful for the good things in life. So tonight, if it’s not too cloudy, look out the window, stare at the moon for a few minutes and think of all the things you’re grateful for.

And if you can’t think of anything positive, don’t judge yourself, being grateful is a spiritual practice, it takes time, let it come on its own.

#4 Contemplate Life. 
Some people call it meditation, silent retreats, a time of contemplation but the idea is the same – to think. Take time to contemplate your life, to consider your place in time, it doesn’t have to be all positive, start with the difficulties, the trials, your fears, your anxiety or depression and surrender it to God. Then try to contemplate where you were a year ago today.

For example – What was Sep 2014 like for you?

Be mindful of life, your breath, your very existence, let gratefulness appear. And if you’re not the type to contemplate, go out in nature, go out for a run and do the same thing.


This morning it finally hit me, I got into the Fall spirit and even though I didn’t go out and buy pumpkins at Ralphs or a spicy latte at Starbucks, I got into the mood. Instead I lit a candle and knelt to pray for a few minutes, I also listened to some Fall instrumental piano music that sounded hokey to my kids (oh well).

Now I feel ready for Fall, I feel ready to feel and to rest, trusting that God holds my future, and even though I have bills to pay, people to see and conflicts to resolve, I know that God will hold me through the Fall, He’s holding you too.

Thank so much for watching,
Your #GOZO! friend,

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