#39 How to Discover your PURPOSE in Life. It’s SIMPLE! [PERISCOPE]


Welcome back. You belong here.

Do you tend to let other people dictate your purpose in life? Do you let financial concerns dictate where you work, what you study or who you hang out with? If so, then this is for YOU! 

In this episode of #GOZOscope on Periscope, I talk about the two key questions everyone needs in order to find their PURPOSE, they are:

  1. What does my LIFE SAY?
  2. What gives me JOY?

What is Periscope? Periscope is a NEW app that lets you stream LIVE to your followers. I do my #GOZOscope every day M-F at 8am PT while I drink make my coffee, in order to help you find your

  1. Discover your God-given ADVENTURE
  2. Find grace amidst CRISIS and
  3. Discover who you LOVE

To watch LIVE please visit davidtrig.com/gozoscope and follow me on Twitter @davidtrigla

Thank you!

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