#38 The MAIN Thing I’ve Learned About Fear #GOZOscope

IMG_1484Welcome back. You belong here.

Hi guys, this is a brand NEW thing I’m doing, it’s called Periscope and this is just a glimpse. I do a full 30mn LIVE stream every morning at 7am PT.

You can watch at davidtrig.com/gozoscope.

What is Periscope? Periscope is a LIVE streaming video tool. Every morning I talk about how to have more JOY in life as I make my coffee on Periscope which is a LIVE streaming app. I do the LIVE show every day M-F 7am PT.

You can download Periscope here.

Don’t you just love those cute hearts?? Here’s a glimpse of my #GOZOscope! Catch the replays of my daily videos at davidtrig.com/scope

Thank so much for watching,
Your #GOZO! friend,

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