5 Ways to Know if You’re a Coach, an Artist or a Star [PART 1]


Welcome back. You belong here.

Many times as entrepreneurs, creative types and healers, we try to be all things to all people. We manage the operations, we’re the face of the company and try to help others do the same.

But understanding what makes you the most effective is crucial to long term success and impact, it helps when approaching a new job, a new business venture and especially how to shape your online digital presence [btw, I’m mostly Coach with a little bit of Artist mixed in, definitely not a Star].

First, let’s start with some definitions:

#1 The Artist. This is someone who loves to work alone, to create for the sake of beauty and love. The Artist is not looking for recognition, but loves to know that their work is admired and influences the lives of millions.

#2 The Coach. The coach loves to teach, their definition of success is to make YOU successful, they thrive on not just knowledge but the application of such knowledge, individualized, for the sake of others.

#3 The Star. The star loves to be admired and can impact a room the minute you meet them. Their impact comes from a deep sense of truth and a clear sense of right and wrong. You either love them or hate them, there’s no middle ground with the Star.


Now most people are not 100% Artist, Coach of Star, we combine aspects of the three but FOCUSING on your ONE main talent is key to long term success. On the other hand, the person who tries to be all things to all people, will live frustrated and have very little impact in life and the lives of others.

I’ll write more on this next time….

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