#34 A Back to School Prayer and Meditation [PODCAST]

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back-to-school-prayer-for-our-kidsWelcome back. You belong here.

We just started the Fall and already we feel hurried, overwhelmed, like there’s too much to do.

In this NEW prayer and meditation segment of the #TrigPodcastofJOY called #soulGOZO! I help you overcome Extreme Individualism by remind you that we are not meant to go at life alone, instead, we are meant for unity, togetherness and oneness, no matter how alone or in control we may feel.

In this episode I go over:
1. God’s plan for unity
2. Why unity is so important
3. What unity allows us to accomplish

I also offer three practical questions:
1. What is causing your isolation
2. When isolated tell yourself, I am loved by God
3. Who can you love

Thanks so much for listening,
Your #GOZO! friend,

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