The JOY of Networking Even As an Introvert [VIDEO]

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Welcome back. You belong here.

My friend Gil Ordonez and I are starting a brand NEW show called #GOZOBusiness to help entrepreneurs and creative types get the support they need to make their dreams a reality and make a difference in the world.

Gil and I are two guys with a God-given goal and passion to bring people JOY, who had success in our previous worlds but who are still in the process of becoming successful in this new digital world. Our desire is to bring you into our journey so you can see learn from our process, get tips on entrepreneurship and business and follow your own God-given adventure.

In this Ep#002 of #GOZOBusiness, Gil and I talk about The JOY of Networking. We give you

5 Reasons Why We Love Networking and
5 Reasons Why We Don’t Love Networking.

We also give you practical tools on what to say and what not to say at networking events.

Thanks so much for watching!
Your #GOZO! friend,

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Remember though there’s pain the night #GOZO! or JOY comes in the morning!

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