I’m Surprised You Guys Still Like Each Other by davidTrig

highres_160977792Welcome Back. You belong here.

Tonight Rachelle and I celebrated 20 years of marriage bliss, yes!!

We had a great time at the Sky Room in Long Beach (built in 1926) where the view from the Up-Lounge on the 14th floor is just amazing.

The sail boats on the shore looked like little Lilliputians rushing to see the Gulliver-esque cargo ships come home to the evening sunset. The restaurant oversees the Queen Mary where I proposed to Rachelle in 1995 which made the night even more magical.

She had the pasta, I had the rib eye which together with a glass of Chardonnay and the necessary creme brulee left our mouths watering.

During dinner we took time to reflect on 20 years of love so I came up with three things I love about being married to Rachelle. First, that she chose me, apart from faith in God, there’s nothing stronger than knowing I’m loved by my wife.

Second, the arrival of our first born Canela who is now 16 was like nothing else, the joy of new life and the self-lessness that comes with it is simply unparalleled. And lastly, our move to Colorado, because it represented the end of an era and the begining of a new adventure that we’re still on to this day.

We are grateful.

But something interesting also happened. Shortly after we arrived, our server came to our table, he gave us our menus and napkins and we sat down. He asked if there was a special occasion for our visit, so we told him we were celebrating 20 years of marriage.

He was quiet for a moment, almost lost for words but in a weird kind of way. Finally he said – at least you guys still like each other. Then after taking our drink orders, he left.


We sat there thinking little of it at the time, but later wondered if that’s what relationships have come down to, an inconvenience, an optional ending, something to put up with or avoid, at best something that’s unnecessary.

Soon, the place was filled with other couples, mostly in their 20’s and 30’s celebrating their own special nights and I thought, this is why tonight matters.

Not only because it means the world to us, not only because it means the world to our children who are watching, but because it matters to every couple in this room, it matters to our server who perhaps needs to believe that marriage and love is still possible.

As we got ready to leave, we thought, it seems people just don’t get married anymore and only God knows why, so tonight I remain thankful for 20 years and for being an example of love and grace.

As we left the building Rachelle said to me, let’s be married 40 more years so we can reach the Diamond Celebration. I kissed her and said to her – yes, let’s do it.

May you be filled with grace and joy tonight. 
Thanks so much for reading,
David Trig

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