The Power of Music Therapy in Treating Anxiety

musictherapyforanxiety“When you played your song, it helped me cry for the first time in a long time” #GOZO! Client

Welcome back. You belong here.

Over the past few months I’ve had the privilege to grow my own private practice as a joy and anxiety mentor. Every week I meet with people who are dealing with some aspect of fear, anxiety and depression.

I tell people I’m not a therapist, that my training is in pastoral leadership and music, but through years of walking my own journey from anxiety to grace, people are glad to find someone they can relate to.

During our sessions, I combine science, faith and music to help people identify their fears and most of all to live a life of joy amidst anxiety.

When I use music during mentorship sessions I have found a few things:
1. Music touches the soul
2. Songs of healing heal the soul
3. Generosity is the point of healing songs
4. God’s presence is vital to healing through music 

Here are some of the songs I’ve recently written that I use during mentorship sessions:
#1 SPANISH – Quiero Estar Aquí
#2 The Signature of Love [SPOKEN WORD]
#3 Falling on the Rain
#4 Don’t Cry Alone 

My dream is to continue to bring music and mentorship together to bring joy to people who deal with issues of fear, anxiety and depression. It’s a combination of tools and resources made in heaven.

If you know someone who could benefit from anxiety mentorship, please visit (Inglés y Español)

Thank you for reading,
Your #GOZO! friend,


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