How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone [ANIMATED]

sometimes we’re in the area where we’re most comfortable which is right here

we’re so happy we bring all our friends and we’re just so glad to do what we love to do
but the problem is that sometimes we want to go out here to something new
we want to grow but we’re afraid to go to something that’s different
because it’s foreign
and sometimes we have bad experiences

we’ve tried it before
we’ve actually taken steps to go towards that thing that is new
but it hasn’t worked out
and so we feel sad we feel discouraged and we never want to try it again
but where true life happens
is when we go and step out of our comfy couch
and all the places where we like to be
and we get into the boat and we begin to go back out
towards that place
now what happens is that when we take that step
we don’t just go there but we discover there are amazing people there
and amazing opportunities that are hidden hiding inside
but bc we’re afraid we never see that
and so we keep going back to that place of our comfort
to the thing that we love to do the most
but what we need to be doing is realizing that we
don’t just need to take one or two or three places
we need to actually find multiple places where we can take those same steps
and go towards those places
and realize
that here
oh look there’s my wife
there’s a friend
there are some people that i’m really excited to meet
and then when we go this place
we say I like this job
i really enjoy being with these people
and we take this step
we realize
there’s such an amazing adventure
but the problem is that sometimes we’re so connected to just what we like
that we don’t see anything else
and we don’t live out our dream
and all that we see is just us
and there’s nothing else
and we live a life of being alone
of being empty
of only having one thing
and we live with regrets
so what we have to do is making sure we’re living out of our comfort zone
and go towards that place where there is life and there is joy
and there is adventure
and there are so many opportunities
and there is so much that awaits us
but we have to take that step
and we have to go back
even though there are obstacles
we have to get rid of the obstacles
and even though there are people that say danger danger
we have to say no
and have to continue
and even though there are people that are going back and saying
no come back come with me
we have to keep going
and realize that eventually
we’ll look back and there’s no longer that thing in the past
and there are people that are going in the wrong direction
but one day we’ll look back and realize there’s nothing here anymore
that now the adventure is here
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