The Signature of Love [SHORT-FILM]

The Signature of Love [SHORT-FILM]
Lyrics by davidTrig
Music by Sigur Rós
Film by Cameron Covell

The Signature of Love

Some people love with their emotions
Some people love with what they know
Some people touch an instrument and love their audience
Others have their voice

to have a voice is the most beautiful thing in the world
where you can express

sometimes I wish I didn’t even need words
sometimes I wish that I could just feel my way through this earth
and float above the words
and float above the songs

into the place where only emotions flow
and atoms crash into each other
and explosions are made
and my eyes and my thoughts is all that i need

i don’t need to hear for my song is within
i don’t need words for my mind is all i see

and the colors of my life
cannot compare to the depths
to the colors of my mind

only music touches the soul
only music touches that part of me
is an un explicable pool of water and tears and rain and soul and life
and all that is beautiful and deep

and without fear of being misunderstood
without fear of being misaligned and misconstrued
i tell you that this is the signature of love
this is only for a few and yet for all and everyone i know

because it’s simply love
it’s simply feelings
it’s simply caring
it’s not to be consumed
it’s not to be abused
or taken or destroyed it’s a gift

i’m not a fish
i do not know what it’s like to swim
i do not know what it’s like to breathe water
and exhale oxygen

but if it feels anything like this
then I am water
then I am life
and I am being

and if to live is to love
then i live all day long
and if to love is to sin
then i sin all day long

the internet is not my religion
love is my condition
love is my addiction
love is what i am
love is what i give

it’s never perfect
in fact it’s awkward
it’s wrong
people misunderstand it
others downright reject it

but there’s nothing than to live and to love
and to love you my friend
because this love is not esoteric
it’s not loving clouds and sky
it’s loving you

it’s loving you who needs to be loved
it’s loving you who is alone
who cannot sing
who cannot see
who needs a song
who wants to know
that you belong

and that you matter
you matter
you matter

you are the song
your life and flesh and bones
makes up the melody of joy

you are the song

i do not know how i got here
i don’t know the way out
it doesn’t matter
for love is what shatters every obstacle
to see

i want to see you

i see you
i see you
i see you

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