Week #2 The ACL Experience – CRISIS

Welcome back. You belong here.

Last week I shared with you Step #1 to Live a Life of JOY which was Re-discover Your God Given Adventure. Today, I’m sharing with you Step #2, Finding Grace Amidst Your Crisis.

The place where most of us get stuck on our way to living a life of JOY is when we hit a crisis. We’re all familiar with crisis – a financial crisis, a health crisis, an emotional crisis, and the worst of all, a romance crisis.

But how do we find hope and strength amidst our circumstances and go on to live a life JOY and be able to accomplish our God-given dreams?

Grace is being able to look back at your life and saying – if not for the GRACE of God, I don’t know where I’d be today.

Here are 10 Steps to Find Grace Amidst Your Crisis. Thanks for watching.

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