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Welcome Back. You belong here.

God wants you to experience JOY in life, but many times we lose our joy because of fear, anxiety and tough cirumstances so we get depressed, we get down and we lose what I call ‪#‎GOZO‬!.

God says “though there’s pain in the night JOY comes in the morning”, Nehemiah says “the JOY of the Lord is my strength”, the Scriptures say “those who sow in tears will reap in JOY”.

My own life has been marked by fear and anxiety, I’ve experienced loss, pain, separation and loneliness, but God has helped me find GRACE amidst anxiety and now I feel blessed by all the good things in my life, my wife, our children, our church, this ministry, each of you.

YOU too have been given a God-given destiny, a God-given adventure that God has appointed for you as an artist, leader, business owner, world changer, creative type or church leader.

Don’t let fear keep you from it, learn the skills and tools on what to do and most of all learn to trust God…

Be inspired, be encouraged, I’m here for you cheering you on. Your #GOZO! friend, davidTrig

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