Don’t Cry Alone [ORIGINAL SONG] by davidTrig

Welcome Back. You belong here.

This morning my wife and I got into an argument as she left for work, not the best way to start her day. As she left, I realized what she truly needed was for me to hear her, hold her and most of all tell her I was there for her, that she isn’t alone. When she got to work, I called her and told her I’m here for her.

Tonight I’m making her dinner.

These days, many people feel overwhelmed, end of the school year, bills, tests, stress, it all seems to pile up making us feel alone. But you’re NOT alone.

I wrote this song Don’t Cry Alone out a desire to tell you guys – you’re not alone. There’s always someone there to help you and lend a helping hand, often all we need to do is reach out and be vulnerable, no matter how imperfect the process.

I hope you guys like this song. May it bring you HOPE amidst your busy week and remind you, you are loved.

Much grace to you guys,

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