Falling on the Rain [ORIGINAL SONG] by davidTrig

Welcome back. You belong here.

Isn’t love beautiful?

But you have to pursuit it, it won’t just come easily. And that’s the beauty of love, it’s the search, even in the rain and the storms, love is the greatest gift of all. Unfortunately many give up when the going gets tough.

But that person you sit next to in the car, that loved one you talk to each night, that longing we all have in our hearts to seek and find the love of our lives, that’s love.

That’s what life is about, I’m thankful for the love in my life and may you also find the beauty of the pursuit, don’t give up.

Here’s a song I wrote called Falling on the Rain. I hope you like it ‪

Your #‎GOZOmusic‬! friend,

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