How to Build More Lasting Relationships by davidTrig

670px-Build-a-Long-Lasting-Relationship-Step-1Welcome Back. You belong here.

How do we build relationships that last? 

We all want relationships that will last a lifetime, in business, marriage, dating, with our families. But often we find ourselves in relationships that have problems, that don’t seem to last. We find ourselves with people that struggle with commitment or want to give up once the going gets tough.

Someone said that marriage is not a life time commitment, it’s an ongoing negotiation. I wonder if that’s part of the problem with our culture, everything is temporary, nothing seems to last.

What makes a lasting relationship? Is there hope for the ones we’ve lost (or are close to losing) and most of all is there a way to strengthen the ones we currently have.

So here they are:
#1 Lasting relationships are: Based on the GOODNESS of the other person, not their faults
#2 Lasting relationships practice CONFESSION out of a spirit of GRACE not condemnation
#3 Lasting relationships practice WRITTEN commitments that bind people together

A lasting relationship is a living and breathing organism.

It’s something that makes you sigh with love and peace. When a relationship lasts, you can breathe in, you can dream of a future together, you can make plans for what life will be like when you get older, when you have kids, when you buy that first house.

Lasting relationships is God’s plan for our lives. He desires nothing more than to see us enjoy the strength of a relationship that lasts a life time, and not just that lasts, but grows and breathes and matures as the years go bye.

I think a lasting relationship has a few basic commitments that are crucial to it. These are the principles that my wife and I live by daily, that we’ve seen in our parents and in the lives of other successful couples. Although none of us are perfect, and we certainly are not, these are the principles that are crucial to lasting relationships.

I’m thankful for all of you,
I’m here for you, cheering you on.
Your ‪#‎GOZO‬! friend,

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