A Mother’s Day Song – You Are Always Dear by davidTrig

Welcome Back. You belong here.

This is my Mother’s Day Song called “You Are Always Dear”, a song about love, sacrifice, strength and all the amazing characteristics that are so real in my mom and all of our moms.

This song means the world to me because it speaks of how my mom and I had to be apart for so many years but our love always remained, it was painful to be without her, I know she felt it too. But by God’s grace we’ve been able to recover years of distance in recent times.

Sometimes we want to force love, but love can’t be forced, it comes when you least expect it.

The song also means a lot because it speaks of my grandfather Albino Morales Funez whom I loved with my whole heart. My grandfather was my idol growing up, I loved him like a father even though his life was marked by alcohol, he was my first hero. It pained me to know he would often pass out on the streets although he was such a beautiful and professional man, always dressed nicely, a real kind and intelligent man.

My fondest memories are of him singing to me at night. Every night, although I could smell the alcohol on him, he would sing and whisper to me “nu-nu” a lullaby I carry in my heart to this day. In this song that is represented by the quiet section.

I love you mom, I love you abuelito Albino Morales. May this song bring all of YOU love and tender memories, and may you NEVER give up on love, especially the love as a mother, no matter the distance.

May God bless you all.

Here are the lyrics

You Are Always Dear

Seasons come
And seasons go
Yet you are always dear
No matter what gets in the way
You and me remain

What I’ve come to understand
It’s nothing stays the same
But you are ever present dear
I love you just the same

Whisper to me

As I come to this old place
You welcome me as I reflect
Cause nothing can get in our way
So mother come to me

If it’s not meant to be
I will not force it on
Cause nothing can come close to me
I need to carry on

At the end of all the years
You are always dear

words and music by davidTrig 2015

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