What Brings True JOY to Our Mothers? #GOZOtv

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What Truly Brings JOY to Our Moms? We worry so much about what to get our mom’s (or wives) that we sometimes miss the boat. Then we feel guilty or like we didn’t hit the mark. But what do our moms actually want?

In this video, I go over 10 Things That Bring JOY to Our Moms, these are ten things I know will help us truly bring joy to our moms regardless of cost, time or even relationship.

To all the moms out there – I honor and respect you and I thank you for loving us, praying for us and teaching us how to behave.

I love my mom, she’s the best example of JOY and GOZO I have in my life, that’s why I call her ‪#‎mamaGOZO‬!

I wish all of you a great Mother’s Day!
Your ‪#‎GOZO‬! friend,


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