#71 How to Raise Amazing Children #GOZOFamilies

Welcome Back. You belong here.

The other day I heard two teenagers say “I never want to get married or have kids, it’s too hard!” I think many people feel this way today.

Perhaps you’re a young person looking to get married or start a family but have doubts, maybe you’re a single mom or single dad feeling at the end of your rope, perhaps you’re a family of 4 and are wondering how to balance work and home.

I think raising a family has never been harder no matter who you are. Rachelle and I aren’t perfect, we make mistakes daily, but perhaps we can help in someway.

We hope this new segment called #GOZOFamilies will encourage you as we share what we’ve learned (and are learning) in raising three children (a model, an events coordinator and a drummer) and be married succesfully (not perfectly) for almost 20 years.

If you want more #GOZOFamilies videos, let me know, if you have a question for us, you can message us, comment, tweet us @davidtrigla or go to our Instagram @davidtrig.

In this 1st episode of #GOZOFamilies I talk about the Two Important Values in Raising Children

1. Humility and
2. Self-Worth

Thanks so much for watching.
We love you!


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