#69 Five Tips to Calm the March Madness Within by davidTrig

cameroncrazies_E_20110224194104Welcome Back. You belong here.

I’ve been thinking of how fast life is getting, March Madness is in full effect, is it that way for you? Often we think we have to calm the madness out there, to control our schedule, control others, to blame everyone else, when often the madness is within.

So here are Five Tips to Calm the March Madness Within:

1. Say no to things. When our schedule is full, it’s easy to keep adding more and more stuff, even if it’s awesome, even if all your friends are doing it or you feel pressure to say yes, practice saying “I can’t right now, I’m already working on a few projects, maybe next time.”

2. Don’t come up with more new ideas. Creative types create, but now it’s time to follow through on those ideas, implement them and do the things already on your list. When your brain comes up with “one more thing”, have your Frontal Lobe respond and say “save it for later.”

3. Increase communication. When the schedule gets jammed, people get hurt, arguments happen, you blow a fuse and what gets left out is communication. Call a Family Council or Corralito Familiar, and talk about your schedule, and remember to use “I feel” statements versus the blame-focused “You always.”

4. Increase Meditation and Contemplation. The tyranny of the urgent is that we leave rest and meditation behind to get things done. Contemplate, get away, take a Sabbath. Even though it feels 100% counter-intuitive, when we increase meditation, our whole bodies, mind and soul have more strength to persevere.

5. Move Your Body. Sometimes working out feels like one more task, but releasing endorphins is always right. Drink water, avoid staying up late, eat more veggies, have less Carls Jr and watch your body have the strength to do your daily tasks.

What do you think of these tips?

I hope these 5 Tips can help you have a better March, bottom line, March is Madness, but we don’t have to go through it angry at the world or stressed, instead, if you implement these tips, you will have the peace and #GOZO! you need to truly make an impact in the world.

After all, that’s the kind of people we long to be right?
Have a great Saturday, see you next time!
Your #GOZO! friend,

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