#68 Why Waiting Is So Hard by davidTrig

ibm-red-light-engine-shutofWelcome back. You belong here.

February was a strange month, a combination of good and bad, highs and lows. It’s probably because I haven’t been quiet enough , way too much go-go-go, not enough time to let things touch my soul.

But two things did.

A few weeks ago I went to a conference on prayer, ironically we hardly prayed except for one class with a couple in their 60’s who’d been missionaries in Japan for 20 years.

The class was a bit dull, the slides seemed like they’d been created on Windows ’98, the presentation was somewhat slow and bland, the people in the room weren’t cool. I was done eating my sandwich and was getting sleepy so I was about to walk out when Bruce the presenter asked us to pray for one another.

The gentleman next to me (Joseph Chu) was in his 60’s, a quiet man with gentle eyes who was sitting alone. We turned to each other and I asked him if he had any children or grandchildren, and he said no. He told me his wife couldn’t have children and that she’s been in a home for the elderly for the past 10 years since her stroke. He told me he’s a missionary in China where he works among factory workers.

I didn’t know what to say.

Prior to that, one of the speakers talked about prayer and John the Baptist. She talked about the idea of greatness and how John the Baptist was a great man even though his purpose in life was to be #2 (not #1), not the kind of guy I’d want to hang around.

She said most of us get a vision from God and believe that it’ll come to pass soon, next month, in three months, in a year but that often that vision can take 10-20 years to be fulfilled (sometimes a lifetime), and that when God calls us to a vision, the next step is often to pray and the answer to that prayer is often to wait.

Yesterday I recorded a show on Why Waiting is Hard (you can hear it at davidtrig.com/davidtrigshow) and I talked about how often drivers and world changers think being impatient is our badge of honor when truly it’s being a bully.

In the show I talked about the three reasons Why Waiting Is Hard:
1. We Know Best
2. People Get in the Way
3. Our Trauma

The reasons were not your typical answers, but were part of a segment I call #realGOZO! where we simply get real with each other.

Maybe this is why February was tough, because it was brutally honest, it was real. It seems most of us like to live in the facade of likes, pictures, comments and funny videos when sometimes God wants us to truly listen.

The problem is that when God is trying to get our attention we look down on those moments because the slides are boring, the class is bland and the people aren’t cool (really deep stuff).

Often, the truth is in the normal, in the stories of a faithful husband with an ailing wife, working with factory workers and still taking time to pray for others and ask me about my children.

That’s humility, that’s prayer, that’s being #1, that’s the kind of people God wants us to be. May God help all of us to be more like Joseph Chu, the new John the Baptist.

Thanks for reading.
Thanks for being here.
I’m here for you cheering you on.

Your #GOZO! Friend,

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