#67 Four Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Your Next Big Break by davidTrig







Welcome Back. You belong here.

Do you ever wonder when things will turn around for you? Many times we struggle to talk to the right person, make the perfect phone call, get the right gig.

It seems most creative/change agent types live in a constant state of work, work, work and fear, anxiety and disappointment; it’s the nature of the business.

Where does God fit into all this?

A few months ago I met with some school leaders in Santa Ana pitching them ideas for The Finding Grace Through Anxiety Conference and‪#‎GOZOtv‬, lots of excitement and interest but no one was signing on the dotted line.

Since then, I’ve continued to refine my plan, write, pray, stress, wonder, doubt, the usual mix of faith and chaos.

At an unrelated event (so I though), I met a lady who was interested in my work among Asian Americans in Santa Ana, she invited me to attend a prayer breakfast last week and I said yes. The meeting was inside the board room of the Santa Ana Unified School District (hmmm….)

I didn’t know I was going to speak at the event but I got a chance to say a few words and introduce my guest who was going to pray. As I waited my turn, a gentleman Jeff, sat at our table and said hello. We shook hands, I told him that I speak on finding joy amidst anxiety and of my recent conference in Colorado, it took maybe 30 seconds but he seemed genuinely interested.

The meeting started and someone began to introduce those in the room.

When they got to Jeff, the man at our table, they introduced him as the previous Superintendent for the Santa Ana Unified School District and the current Chief Academic Officer in Orange County. He has a PhD in educational planning, is a follower of Jesus and is a pretty big deal in the county.

My mouth dropped…

At the end of the meeting, we briefly spoke and exchanged emails, I wrote him, he wrote back and it seems God is up to something. I still can’t believe it.

Here I was stressing a few months ago about connecting with schools, about making the right call and all along God was working behind the scenes. Amazing.

So here are a few tips on How to Be Ready for Your Next Big Break:
1. Be Ready.
When Dr. Jeff sat at my table, I was ready to speak about what I do in a few short sentences and in a way that seemed relevant to him. Even though I had no idea who he was, I was ready to go.

2. Do Something.
I had just returned from doing a Finding Grace Through Anxiety conference in Denver, CO and it was amazing. Being I had been doing something, I could tell Dr. Jeff of what I had recently learned and share a little bit of my story.

3. Show Up.

I almost stayed home that day, I just felt lazy. But I decided to drive 30mns, get lost on the way, go somewhere I’d never been to before and show up.

4. Do the Work the Rest is Up to God.
Only God could have brought me to that meeting
Only God could have connected the dots between the first event and the second event
Only God could have had Dr. Jeff sit at the same table where I was
Only God could have set the timing in motion of my event in Denver and this event in Santa Ana
Only God could put an interest in Dr. Jeff’s heart for helping youth and families in Orange County

Only God.

I have no idea where this is going. It may be a big deal, it may be nothing, but I’ll tell you what grew – my faith.

I remember a few years ago someone asked Tyler Perry what was the key to his success. I expected to hear hard work, connections, talent, but you know what he said?

The grace of God.

Perhaps you’re feeling discouraged in your creative pursuits, the waiting seems to last forever, like you’re getting no where. Keep doing the work, be ready in season and out of season, be present, show up and let the grace of God do the rest.

Thank you for reading.
Have a great rest of the day.

Your ‪#‎GOZO‬! friend,

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