#57 Five Tips on How to Become a Better Writer/Blogger by davidTrig

10835080_874220275975271_2251512641846166144_oWelcome Back. You belong here.

This is about how you can become a better writer or blogger. The number of people blogging or starting a blog is growing exponentially.

But in order to grow an audience, the writer needs to engage the reader quickly and provide them with quality and unique content in the first few sentences. [Btw, how did I just do?] : )

In the last few years, I’ve had the privilege to build a successful creative and writing career. Last year I was published by Leadership Journal, last year I also started to monetize my blog, start a podcast and host my own webTV show.

I started blogging 15 years ago and since then, I’ve seen my platform grow exponentially into live events, conferences, speaking engagements, music shows and more. Most of all, I’ve seen God touch the lives of hundreds of people.

So here are 5 Tips On How to Become a Better Blogger/Writer:

#1 Use an Engaging Title.
In our social media world, attention spans are low so your title has to pop out to the reader right away. Titles such as “My feelings” or “I’m bored” will not bring in readers. Use keywords that your audience will relate to. I write on JOY, faith, God, music, anxiety and technology.

So one of my titles would be “10 Tips to Overcome Anxiety” or “Why People Lose Their Joy and How to Gain It Back”

#2 Know Your Audience.
It took me years to know who was listening. Most writers write because they love to write, not to make money or to build a platform, but in our hearts, we really want people to read our stuff. Don’t know who your audience is? Here’s a quick way to find out: It probably looks and acts a lot like YOU!

For me that means my audience is creative, has a strong sense of faith, maybe musical, loves life, gets a little blue and wants to change the world, is most likely female, a feeler and in their 30’s and 40’s maybe 50’s.

#3 Move from “All About Me” to “It’s All About You”
This was so huge for me. Again, most creative types speak from their heart which means we make it all about us. After all, we’re in it for the purity of the art! Yeah, that never works. Learn to write for the people, with their needs in mind, from their perspective.

Learn to change your writing style from “I think or “I feel” to “You must feel” and “You might think”. It’s not a suble difference, in fact, it is tough and I still struggle with this all the time! But once you get there, you’ll see your audience grow and begin to engage rapidly.

#4 Grow and Learn
Again, creative types think they’re perfect, admit it, we do! But the problem is that there are so many good writers, musicians, creative types out there, we have to keep growing. Most artistic types love to learn but they often feel threatened by others so they shy away from people.

I try to learn daily if not weekly.

Listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos on any subject matter, reading books, going to conferences, going back to school, taking classes at a community college, hiring an editor or business coach are all things any one can do. The lesson here is to keep growing.

#5 Put It Out There and Be Patient.
That’s the worst part of starting a blog, everyone can see it! But the fact that you finally put your thoughts out there is a huge step. CONGRATULATIONS! But be ready to wait, engagement takes time, likes, comments, follows are tough to gain because the competition for eye balls is huge.

Even if you narrow your audience to “28 year old moms in a 2010 Honda Pilot driving 2.5 kids named Jack, Trevor and Monica to school in Jacinto, CA” you can bet ten other people are already doing the same thing. It took me about 2 years to see #GOZO take off, so be patient and persevere.

There are many other things I can think of with regards to blogging such as when to publish your blog, how often to blog, what to write about but I’ll save that for next time.

Btw, here is a great resouce I use to grow as a writer and the best part, it’s FREE!

DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR THOUGHTS? Let me know on my facebook page here.

Thanks for being here and thank you for reading,
See you next time,
Your #GOZO! friend,


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