#54 Four Tips on How to Talk About Finances Even When It’s Hard by davidTrig

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When a couple goes through financial difficulties, the natural thing is to argue. 

Financial issues are an emotional issue for both men and women. The man often feels like a failure for not being able to provide, the woman feels overwhelmed handling the day to day finances with less resources.

Anger, resentment, yelling, abuse, addictions can come as a result of this tension while the children suffer in silence.

What can you do when facing financial struggles? Here are 4 Tips on How to Talk About Finances

#1 Be Honest With Each Other. Meet with your husband/wife, significant other and talk about your feelings. Express hurt, dissapointment, the dashing of dreams, the fear of losing everything. Why? It opens the heart and the heart is what needs healing more than your budget

#2 Commit to Working Together. When Financial stress sets in couples begin to take care of their own. The woman tries to make sure there’s enough for the house and bills and to feed the children, the husband tries to keep spending as if there’s no problem. Commit to working together even when it’s hard.

#3 Get Help. Ask someone else to help you with your finances. Most of the times when couples are fighting over money, they fall into the same bad habits – blame, yelling, not listening to each other. Talk to a friend, a trusted mentor, a pastor, a counselor and get the help you need, it’s not that you don’t know what to do, it’s that sometimes hearing it from somebody else makes it less threatening.

#4 Pray Together. Financial solutions don’t happen over time, so you’ll need patience, love, kindness, all those that only God can provide. Commit to praying before and after you talk about money. It’ll change everything. If you’re too upset to pray, read something together from the Bible (such as Psalm 23) or read an inspiring quote from someone you admire.

Here are some other tips I really enjoy…

I hope those tips help you move through financial trials. What do you to gain perspective? Please go to my facebook page to interact here. Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.05.50 PM





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