#53 Finding Hope in Unexpected Places by davidTrig

HopeWelcome back. You belong here.

This is about finding hope in unexpected places.

I often come home on Sundays thinking how terrible my message was, how I’m not a very good speaker, how I should quit and mow lawns for a living.

Yeah, the life of a pastor, all glitz and glory. But God had other plans.

Today, I spoke on the topic of Confessions from Psalm 51 where King David confesses what he did with Bathsheba. The background of the story is from 2 Samuel 11 where David is confronted with his actions.

I asked the question – What did Samuel do to get David’s attention?

There were people of all ages in the room, young and old, people with Masters degrees and students from USC and UCI.

But what happened next was amazing.

Our boy David (11) raised his hand and said, “Samuel told David of a king who had many sheep but killed the sheep of the poor man who only had one sheep to give it to his guests. Then Samuel told David that’s what he had done and that God was not happy with him because he took the wife of another man.”

Wow, that was crazy. Everyone in the room clapped!

It was so great to hear our son speak up (you know how 11 year old boys can be) and talk about what he’s learning at his young age. I know God is going to use David in His kingdom.

We came home, did our normal Sunday afternoon routine (meaning nothing), and soon it was bed time. David came into our room where I was reading and asked if I would tuck him in so I did.

I must confess (speaking of Confessions) that for a moment I thought of staying in bed reading my book (it’s Bonhoeffer’s biography!) and skip the night time routine.

I know.

I went into his room, turned off the ceiling light, he clicked his night light on, pulled himself underneath his warm cozy blankets, fixed his pillow and grabbed his favorite book.

As I began to pray and play with his curly hair he asked me “do you know how I knew the story of Samuel?” I said “please tell me”. I was caught off guard by his question but quickly realized the magic of the moment.

He pulled his sister’s Action Bible from behind his pillow, opened it and said “I read it in here a few weeks ago, it said in there what happened and that’s how I knew the story”.

I didn’t know what to say, I was numb, shocked, filled with tears, gratitude and joy.

Here I was having a pity party, thinking of how I should apply at Home Depot while God had been working behind the scenes all along.

I wonder how many times you wake up on a Monday morning wondering – what am I doing with my life? Why am I in this job, in this mess. When will this ever stop and when will I become the man/woman I want to become.

I don’t know the answer to all those questions, but what I do know is that behind every routine there’s magic. Behind every pillow lies a story of grace and joy and surprise.

We are so good at focusing on what we call “reality” – bills, health, sucess, money, fame, etc. But I often wonder if those moments are actually not real and the true moments, those eternal windows behind a comfy pillow are the true signs leading us towards our destiny. Someone holding our hand and praying for us, a friend that pays for dinner, a song that gives us joy, a beautiful sunset after a long week.

What are those signs in your life, or are you too worried about growth, money, health and wealth to even notice?

I encourage you today ‪#‎GOZOnation‬ to take advantage of the beauty of life. Stop evaluating yourself and pause to realize the gifts you already have.

But you do have to do one thing – Get out of bed, go into your son’s room and listen. In other words, get out of bed, bend your knees, talk to God and listen. He’s always talking, the question is are you listening.

Thanks for being here ‪#‎GOZOFamily‬ #GOZONation
I’m here for you, cheering you on.
Your ‪#‎GOZO‬! Friend,
(GOZO means JOY in Spanish)

btw – Please pray for me as I will be speaking this weekend at a church in Denver, CO on the topic “Finding GOZO Amidst Fear, Anxiety and Depression”. Thank you and Happy MLK jr Day. Dream young man/woman, dream on!

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